JAB Services is your leading service company in the Permain basin. Providing a large array of services from valve remanufacturing to Pole Line and I&E to Roustabout and everything in between. Servicing and selling the highest quality of products and providing the highest quality of service.

JAB is both NB and VR certified giving us the ability to repair, test and recertify all PSVs in the field and shop. Providing our customers an online portal that gives them access to valve reports and documentation 24/7. Our 27,000 square foot shop backs up the field crews in the case the repair cannot be completed in the field. Our shop is loaded top to bottom with state-of-the-art equipment giving us the ability to rebuild and test all PSVs, Control Valves and Production Valves (Fisher, Vball, Kimray, E-Body, D4 Controllers, Ball Vales, Gate Valves, Check Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly, Plug Valves, Orbit Valves, Hemmy Wedge, Pipeline Gates...). With the ability to reweld and cut up to a 30” ball

JAB services has both Pole Line and I&E crews that are extremely experienced and ready to provide top notch service. We have 4 line crews dedicated to pole line and underground primary, storm work, and powerline design. We have 8 electrical crews dedicated to well hook ups, battery builds, drive & sub pump hookups. We offer services 24/7-365 days troubleshooting and repairs.



Here at JAB services we hold our selves to an extremely high standard. Our mission is to provide the best and most honest service possible to every customer. We do this by hiring the best possible and training regularly. We are constantly increasing our inventory to ensure we can cosistantly meet our customers needs. We spend countless hours daily focused in our customers.


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